Bearbrick Andy Warhol x JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT #1 100% & 400%


2.75 IN / 7 CM - 11 IN / 28 CM

Medicom has brought us a new Bearbrick model called New Flame based on the collaborative artwork by the late Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. The two artists collaborated on this piece in 1985, just two years prior to Andy Warhol's passing. Medicom uses a hydro dipping technique to ensure each Bearbrick has a unique pattern and design. The 400% Bearbrick measures 11 inches tall while the 100% stands 2.75 inches tall.

The Bearbrick Andy Warhol x JEAN MICHEL BASQUIAT #1 100% & 400% Set released in Summer 2021 with a release price of $145.

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