Hidden NY PPF "Bubble" tee


PPF stand for Past, Present, Future, carrying the records of the past, present and future

A peripheral brand founded by the self-media  hidden.ny  , the design is famous for its iconic  h logo . The socks initially released caused unprecedented rush sales every time they were released . It is hard to find just one pair of socks . In recent years , many different peripherals have been launched. products, and also co-branded various single products with many well-known brands such as BBC, Needles, salomon , etc.

Hidden.ppf 's short T- shirts and socks are highly recommended.
The T-shirts are high in weight but not boring when worn . The material is very good , especially the neckline is very tight , not easy to deform and more suitable for Asians.
The socks are thick but they are very comfortable to wear. It is comfortable and feels like you are stepping on shit.
The design and texture of other clothing and peripheral items that are released every time are also addictive.
It is a very thoughtful brand.

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