KAWS Companion Magnet Set Multi


4 IN / 10.2 CM EACH

Released in 2019, the KAWS Companion Magnet Set Multi features one of KAWS' most iconic characters. The Mickey Mouse-inspired outfit and crossed-out eyes make these magnets an instantly recognizable piece of KAWS’ artwork.

KAWS has designed a lot of iconic characters, but the Companion is one of the most instantly recognizable. This KAWS Companion Magnet Set Multi features the crossed-out eyes, limited color palette and clothes that have become an unmistakable part of the artist's style. KAWS originally designed these magnets to accompany his art show in the Museum of Modern Art in Australia. As part of the show, the MoMA gave fans the chance to buy magnets, bags, art books and other pieces of merchandise. This magnet set offers the Companion in three neutral shades—light gray, navy blue and muted red. Each drawing features sketched line art and loose crosshatching that calls to mind KAWS' history as a street artist. Since it first appeared in the '90s, the Companion has found a place in homes around the world.

The KAWS Companion Magnet Set Multi released in September of 2019 and retailed for $15.

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