KAWS Holiday Indonesia Vinyl Figure


11 1/2 × 5 1/4 × 3 1/2 in | 29.2 × 13.3 × 8.9 cm

The KAWS Holiday Indonesia Figure Pink is presented in a vivid pink shade as part of the collaborative installation by KAWS and AllRightsReserved.

The Pink KAWS Holiday Indonesia Figure is crafted entirely from vinyl. The figurine reaches a height of 11.5 inches and assumes a reclined or prone posture. Reflecting the artist's distinctive style, it showcases KAWS' iconic " X" eyes and elongated ears, and as a twist, KAWS’ introduces the Accomplice instead of the Companion. The figure gets a two-tone color scheme with pink as the primary color, and touches of white gracing the figure’s torso, gloves, and ears.

What our experts love about the KAWS Holiday Indonesia Figure Pink is its striking use of pink as the primary color. This bold and vibrant choice not only grants the figure a unique and eye-catching appearance but also establishes it as a remarkable centerpiece within any collection. The figurine was released on the August 17, 2023.

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