Kaws x Uniqlo PEACE FOR ALL tee


“It’s time for action, in the name of world peace.” Major figures who share this vision with UNIQLO have volunteered to design T-shirts embodying their peaceful wishes. All proceeds will be donated to international organizations supporting those affected by violence, discrimination, armed conflict, and poverty. The PEACE FOR ALL project is powered by each and every one of you who wears these T-shirts. Our wish is for a world in which all people can feel safe in their daily lives. UNIQLO will continue to broaden this initiative, working with people all around the world.

*UNIQLO parent company Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. will donate all profits (no less than 20% of the selling price) equally among UNHCR, Save the Children and Plan International Inc.


Artist / KAWS engages audiences beyond the museums and galleries in which he regularly exhibits. Over the last two decades KAWS has built a successful career with work that consistently shows his formal agility as an artist, as well as his underlying wit, irreverence, and affection for our times.

"I wanted this design to serve as a reminder that we are all responsible for this planet and it’s our job to come together and care for it. Our relationship with Earth is fragile and we can't let it fall through our hands."

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