Mi Kingsmith Walking Pad Treadmill C1 Alloy Version


Product Details

  • Features
    1. HEALTH: Moving while you work prevents illnesses that occur if you sit too long. Indeed, moving offers many advantages to your health, including disease prevention and improvement of your cardio.
    2. WORK BETTER: Your concentration level goes up while your stress level goes down thanks to ergonomic movements, improving your sleep as well. Furthermore, you save the time you would need for jogging outside.
    3. EXTRAS: Thanks to the fitness app, you always have a good overview of the amount of calories you burned, steps and distance, and you can save and track your training results.
    4. SPACE-SAVING: Nothing stands in your way anymore! Quickly stow your fitness equipment away thanks to built-in feet. Combine the desk treadmill with a height-adjustable table for maximum compatibility.


  • Specification
    Brand: Xiaomi
    Model: WalkingPad C1
    Rated voltage : 220V
    Rated power: 746W
    Motor pattern : Standby mode, constant speed mode, automatic mode.
    Minimum speed: 0.5km/h
    Maximum speed: 6.0km/h
    Effective walking area: 1200x400mm
    Walking platform height: 67mm
    Maximum bearing weight: 110kg
    Net weight: 22kg
    Gross weight: 25kg
    Unfold size: 1449x528x114mm
    Folded size: 855x528x140mm
    Applicable age: 12-60 years old
    Applicable height: Not limited


  • Package content
    1 x Xiaomi Xiaomi WalkingPad C1
    1 x Power cable
    1 x Remote control
    1 x Roping
    1 x Wrench
    1 x Silicone oil

92cm x 61cm x 20cm


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