Mi Lekong Wireless Pressure Washer


A portable pressure washer that requires no power cord, allowing for increased convenience and possibilities.

 Perfect for gardening and cleaning with its 6 outlet modes and option to attach a soap/liquid container, which would result a uniform and evenly mixed spray.

 The pressure washer uses a rechargable lithium battery as a source of power and a water suction line as a source of water.  One of the motors within the pressure washer will automatically pull the water from the source into the pressure washer, thus allowing you to take the pressure washer anywhere you need. 


Cordless Design

Conveniece and mobility of power and water supply achieved through a rechargable lithium battery and an automatic water suction pump. 

 6 Outlet Modes.

Simply turn the head of the nozzle to switch into one of the 6 outlet modes.

 Light Weight.

The body of this portable washer weighs just slightly over 3lbs, making it easy to use over a long period of time.

 High Quality Battery.

After 200 consecutive charges, the battery will still maintain 80% of it’s maximum battery life. It can last roughly 45 minutes on average and 18-32 minutes when using maximum power. The battery has an IPX7 Waterproof rating which greatly extends it’s life span.

 Low Noise and Smooth Output.

The pump is made with aerospace quality aluminum which reduces the noise level and makes the operation much smoother.


Water Line Length: 6 meters

Product Size: 24.5 * 21.5 * 6.8cm

Product Weight: 1.45KG

Rated pressure: 22bar

Rated flow: 120L / h

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