Mi Qin Smart Biometric Safety Box


Product Details

  • Features
    Finger Vein Recognition, Quick Identification, Emergency Keyhole Concealed Induction Switch, Remote Alarm, Electronic Key Distribution
  • Specification
    Name: Qin Smart Finger Vein Safe Box
    Brand: Xiaomi Youpin
    Model: Qin PB-FV01
    Color: Grey, White
    Material: Steel Plate
    Size: 412mm*290mm*181mm ( Width*Length*Heigh)
    Net weight: 11kg
    Supply voltage: 5.0± 0.2V
    Battery capacity: 4400mAh
    Bluetooth version: 4.0 Bluetooth communication encryption (xiaomi custom IC)
    Bluetooth communication encryption: yes (xiaomi custom IC)
    Maximum storage ID: 200
    The lock mode: Finger Vein, bluetooth, Key
  • Package content
    1* Safe Box
    1* USB Cable

After the fingerprint reader, more reliable, more flexible vein scanners can be added to end-user products and the line begins with the Xiaomi Qin PB-FV01 Vein Scanner Safe. 

Digital vein recognition technology is adopted in the private box. According to the characteristics of blood flowing in the finger that can absorb infrared ray, near-infrared photography is carried out to obtain the image of finger vein , and image features are extracted and compared through specific algorithm so as to carry out identity identification.

Superior to the previous fingerprint / face / iris recognition technology, Finger-vein recognition is not affected by ambient light, surface wrinkles, rough, wet, dirty and other Phenomena, and the vein information hidden in the finger can not be changed.

What is a Vein Scanner? The purpose of a vein scanner is the same as that of a fingerprint reader, which is to identify its owner. However, there are problems with the fingerprint as even minimal amounts of dirt or moisture can degrade or make reading impossible.

The vein scanner does not have this problem because it scans the blood vessels in the finger such as skin damage, dirt, etc. has no influence on it. And of course, the blood vessels in the finger cannot be changed.

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