UV Care Dual Power Vacuum + Dual Power Suction


✅ More powerful suction
✅ Multifunctional
✅ Quadruple filtration
✅ Superior photon UV-C technology that eliminates viruses & bed allergens
✅ US FDA registered 

The GOLD standard in UV-C vacuums.

  • What’s Inside The Box
    1. UV Care Dual Vacuum + Unit
    2. User Manual
    3. Warranty Card 
  • User Guide 
    Before Use: 

    • Ensure that all components of the Dual Vacuum + have been properly assembled. 
    • Check if the unit has been fully charged or has enough power 

    How to Charge

    • Insert the charging cable into the USB adapter port and the other end to the unit’s charging. Please use a 5V, 2A USB adapter to charge. 
    • Power Indicator is flashing in white= Unit is charging 

    Power indicator has stopped flashing (Steady White Light)= Unit is fully charged 

    • Initial charging time (Full Charge) is five (5) hours; succeeding charging time is three (3) to five (5) hours
    • Do not turn on the power or use the unit when charging.

    How to Use

    • Press the “ON/OFF” button to start
    • Press the “SPEED” button to set desired speed

              White- Normal      

              Orange- High

              *Note: Upon turning on the unit, speed starts off at normal speed (White)

    • Start vacuuming
    • Press the “ON/OFF” button to turn the unit off

    How to Use the UV-C Base

    • This unit is equipped with a two-wheel safety switch. The UV-C Lamp and Pulsating Pads will automatically shut off when the unit is lifted from the surface or switched upwards. 
    • To activate the UV-C lamp and Pulsating pads, make sure that the vacuum is placed firmly flat on the surface 
    • The UV-C indicator on top the unit will light up indicating that the UV-C lamp is turned on. This eliminates the need to lift the unit to check if the lamp is working. 


    1. Carefully insert the 2-in-1 Crevice and Round Brush into the suction port of the unit as illustrated below. 

             *Press the button to adjust placement of the round brush

             *Crevice tool and round brush may be disassembled. Crevice tool may be used             on its own. 


    • UV-C Base: Press the main unit release button to remove the mite removal base 
    • 2-in-1 Crevice Tool and round Brush: Gently pull out the 2-in-1 tool from the main unit 

    Additional Notes:

    • Make sure to fully charge the unit first before first use or when using the unit after being in storage for a long time
    • Please fully charge the unit before keeping it in storage for a long time.
  • Safety Precautions 
    1. Keep out of children’s reach.
    2. This product is only suitable for use in dry environments. 
    3. Don’t vacuum items with high temperature (i.e. lit up cigarettes, matches or ashes); ultra-fine materials (i.e cement, wood chips, gypsum powder, ash, toner), large sharp pieces (i.e. glass shards, nails, screws, pins); hazardous materials (i.e. solvents); chemicals (i.e. acid); flammable and explosive liquids (i.e. gasoline and alcohol). 
    4. Please keep airflow channels and moving parts away from hair, loose clothing/ thread, fingers and other parts of the body. Do not aim airflow channels or tools directly onto your eyes, ears and mouth. 
    5. Before use, kindly examine if the surface to be cleaned has large debris on it (i.e. large pieces of paper or glass shards). If yes, please remove this first to avoid any blockage. 
    6. Immediately turn off and unplug the unit for any strange noise, foul smell or smoke. 
    7. Check the dust cylinder regularly and immediately dispose of any dust and dirt accumulation. 
    8. Please do not clean the device with ethyl alcohol, lubricants, or organic solvents. 
    9. Never attempt to disassemble or repair the unit by yourself.  
    10. Do not remove the dust cylinder or UV-C lamp cover when the machine is charging or in use to avoid damage or accidents. 

    Technical Specifications

    Product Name

    UV Care Dual Vacuum +

    Quadruple Filtration System

    HEPA Filter, Non-Woven Filter Sheet, Centrifugal Filter, UV-C Lamp

    UV-C Lamp Wavelength

    253.7 nm

    UV-C Lamp Life

    8,000 hours

    Suction Power

    Low Speed- 6 kPa

    High Speed- 12 kPa

    Run Time

    Low Speed- 30 minutes 

    High Speed- 12 minutes

    Vibration Frequency

    8000 times per minute

    Dust Cylinder Capacity

    0.2 L


    Rechargeable Lithium Ion (2200 mAh)

    Charging Time (Full Charge)

    3-5 Hours

    Charging Voltage


    Charging Current 


    Rated Power


    Rated Voltage


    Product Dimensions

    27.8 cm x 20 cm x 18.7 cm

    Product Weight

    1.10 kg

  • Applications 
    • Homes (Bedroom, Children’s Room/Nursery, Living Room, Kitchen)
    • Offices 
    • Malls 
    • Restaurants 
    • Salons or Spas 
  • Advantages  
    • Cordless, bagless and rechargeable handheld vacuum 
    • Quick-Switch Attachments for DIfferent Applications (2-in-1 Crevice Tool and UV-C Base)
    • Cyclonic dust collection system
    • Dual power suction 
    • Quadruple High Efficiency Filtration
    • Powerful UV-C Lamp 
    • Motion sensor switch to prevent exposure to UV-C light 
    • Medical-grade, high-efficiency HEPA Filter 
    • Pulse Vibration 
    • Enhanced Cleaning Experience
  • How to Maintain 
    Cleaning the Dust Cylinder

    1. First, carefully twist the dust cylinder in the direction shown in the picture and detach it from the main unit.
    2. Separate the HEPA filter, non-woven filter sheet, centrifugal filter and dust cylinder from each other.
    3. Dispose of any dust, dirt and hair collected in the dust cylinder 
    4. The non-woven filter, centrifugal filter and dust cylinder may be wiped down with a soft cloth or washed with running water.  Make sure that these are completely air dried before reinstallation. 
    5. The HEPA filter cannot be washed and/or vacuumed. Please replace the filter every three (3) to six (6) months depending on frequency of use. 

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